Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Typical Woodworking Story

This is the story of a woodcarver who
lived in a house in a forest with a rabbit
and a housemaid. Among the duties of
the housemaid was to dress the rabbit
each morning, as he was unable to dress
himself. One day, after they had had
their breakfast and the rabbit was
dressed, the rabbit and the woodcarver
went out into the forest to find wood that
would be suitable for carving.. They soon
found what they agreed was a wonderful
piece of wood! Just perfect for a wood
sculpture. Unfortunately, they couldn’t
agree on what to carve. The woodcarver
wanted to carve a mother sheep feeding
her lambs. The rabbit wanted to see the
piece become a wooden Dutch shoe.
Finally, they agreed to let the housemaid
decide, so they went back to the cottage
and explained their problem. The
housemaid decided to flip a coin. Heads
would mean that the woodcarver would
carve the sheep; tails would mean that
the shoe would win. You can imagine the
suspense when she flipped up the coin,
caught it, and peeked. Wood ewe or
wooden shoe?
Only the haredresser knew for sure.

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