Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ft. Hood, Gun Control, and Liberal Stupidity ...

I warned you this blog could get political
on your ass once in awhile.


The Liberals in this country will cry 
louder for gun control now because
of the Fort Hood massacre. They won't 
tell you it was stopped by an officer
with a gun.

FACT: Before the election of 

the average number of guns sold
in the United States was between
2 and 3 million a year.
That number has risen to
13 million in 2009.

With the control of Washington
mostly in Liberal Democrats hands,
ordinary citizens like us are
fearful they'll tweak the gun
laws once again.
I purchased my first hand gun
(and took delivery after the ten day
waiting period) yesterday. 

We have the most beautiful document,
known to man, governing this country.
It's the U.S. Constitution and the most
important part is the Bill of Rights. It states
very clearly what, WE THE PEOPLE, allow
our government do. The First Amendment, being
the most important, tells OUR government it can
not regulate our free speech or the press.

The Second Amendment is what guarantees
we will always have these rights. With all
of the liberal developments in
Washington, WE THE PEOPLE are
becoming very concerned OUR government
is over stepping its bounds. 

President Obama, Senator Reid, and
Congresswoman Pelosi want to keep
you in your place. Well, you in
Washington .... 2010 can't come
quick enough !


Amusing Bunni said...

Amen! Odie, I love when you get on your wonderful platform. I am 100% in support of you!
Capt'n zero never looked stupider. He is the best salesman for gun purchases ever. The NRA should thank him.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Oh Bunni, I'm a member there too !